St. George's Church in Parchim

Welcome to St. George's Church in Parchim!

We are glad to welcome you to our beautiful brick gothic church and to our Lutheran parish in this old town of Mecklenburg, located in Northeast Germany. The church building that was founded in 1307 is today called a 'national monument' of Germany together with St. Mary's church.

Our Lutheran services are held on almost all Sundays and church holidays at 10.00 a.m. We gather around the word and the sacraments as a living congregation to God's praise. During the wintertime we use our heated "Winterkirche" (winter church) inside the nave. We offer a cup of coffee or tea after each service.

Children's services are offered on church holidays in the sacristy during the main service. On all days we have a box with toys for kids who might get a little bored. We are happy about everybody who comes and joins our church life.

Church music plays a major role in our church. Each year we offer numerous concerts of our own groups or from abroad. Acoustics in our nave are famous.

You can find out more about us if you click on "Gemeindebriefe" (our bulletins) at the right.

If you want to find out even more - for example our regular groups - please contact us ("Mitarbeitende / Kontakt").

See you soon!