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Evangelical Church in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Family Research and Genealogy

Church records
The Parish Register Authority at the Church Archives at Schwerin keeps the registers and register copies of all parishes in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Mecklenburg (about 390) as well as military church registers of the garrison at Neustrelitz (1841-1874) and the Wehrmacht parishes at Hagenow, Neustadt-Glewe, Schwerin and Wustrow/Rerik (1935-1945).

The range of church registers includes over 4600 volumes (about 300 m). The earliest registers begin in 1611/12, but generally it is not before the end of the devastating 30 Years War (1618-1648) that most of the registers set in.
The Parish Register Authority also preserves copies of the registers from the middle of the 18th century to the installation of the registry offices in 1875/76. The copies from 1875/76 to 1943/44 are kept by (1) the Municipal Archives of Rostock (E-Mail: in case of the city’s parishes, (2) the Archives of the Cathedral of Ratzeburg (Domarchiv, Domhof 35, D-23909 Ratzeburg) in case of the parishes of the former superintendency at Ratzeburg (Dom Ratzeburg, Carlow, Demern, Herrnburg, Schlagsdorf, Schönberg, Selmsdorf, Ziethen) and (3) the State Archives at Schwerin (E-Mial: for the remaining parishes.

As the number of microfilm-readers in our reading room is limited, we ask you to announce your visit as early as possible – at least two weeks in advance (Tel. +49 385/ 200 385 50, E-Mail:
To protect the registers from damage we only hand out film copies. You will find a data basis of the film copies under (Tf = baptism, Kf = confirmation, Tr = marriage, St = funeral register). For opening hours (Öffnungszeiten) and fees (Gebühren) see the web site of the Church Archives.
If you like to commission us to do the research, please attend to the fees order on our web site (the charge is 20,- € for half an hour). Consider, that because of the actual large number of demands it will take about four weeks to carry out your commission. In case of lenghty and extensive research work we ask you to turn to local private researchers. Addresses will be provided on demand.

Printed indexes
C.A. Endler / E. Albrecht: Mecklenburgs familiengeschichtliche Quellen, Hamburg 1936
Verein für mecklenburgische Familien- und Personengeschichte e.V. (Hg.): Von Kakeldütt und Muddelmasch. Orte, Kirchspiele und Ämter in Mecklenburg. Suchhilfen für Familienforscher [Schriften des Vereins für mecklenburgische Familien- und Personengeschichte e.V., Heft 1, erweiterte Neuauflage], Rostock 2008.

data basis of film copies of the church registers kept by the Parish Register Authority at the Archives of the Ev.-Luth. Church of Mecklenburg at Schwerin (Landeskirchliches Archiv Schwerin)
Mecklenburg State Archives at Schwerin (Landeshauptarchiv Schwerin), see for registers from 1876 to 1944 (with the exception of the city of Rostock and the former superintendency of Ratzeburg) and emigration permits beginning in 1863
Municipal Archives of the City of Rostock, see for Rostock registers from 1876 to 1944
Institute for Migration and Ancestral Research, provides help and purchases a data basis of emigrants from Mecklenburg and West Pomerania
Archives of the State and City of Hamburg (Staatsarchiv Hamburg), see for ships passenger lists of emigrants’ ships departing from Hamburg